Zdeňka Klanicová / 24. 10. 1964 / Brno / Czech Republic.

Creates feelings and expressions in the air. Impressions from moments. Art style leaning towards impressionism.

Currently artist, sculptor and experimenter with energy and space. Her creations in 2D consist of oilpaintings, acrylic, pastels, graphic and other art techniques. In 3D sculpts are made from wires, ceramics, sandstone and combinated techniques.

She’s also building natural sculpts from branches, grass and hay. With nice weather she spends her time outside creating installations from available and bio resources.

Her whole life she was interested in nature – plant life, animals and energy. She embroids warm energy into her vibrated site of her creations.

Sailing into the feels and atmosphere.

She’s written in book “Dictionary of Czech and Slovakian artists 1950-2000 (5th edition Ka-Kom)“. Released by Artist centre Chagall in 2000.

Participated on moravian project Porta culturae, funded by EU.

Exhibits since 1980 acros the whole Czech Repblic, especially in Brno, where her atelier and creative garden is located. Her creations are in private collections in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Japan etc. She’s part of “Žeň žen” (Harvest of Women)

She’s been working in her atelier since 1987. Drawing tigers, parrots, monkeys, rhinos and all kinsd of animals, that she uses to get closer to the atmosphere. When you look that animal into its eyes, you feel…

She also depicts natural scenes like forests, meadows, clouds and abstract motifs.

Focusing on relaxation, inner peace, meditation and energy preserving, her paintings truly bring out those feelings.

Sometimes she cooperated with theatres like “Divadlo na provázku” (Theathre on String), 7 a půl (Seven and half), HaDivadlo (HaTheatre) and more. Mostly with stage designer Kateřina Bláhová.

She grew up  in her father’s atelier, smelling like turpentine. Watching her grandfather stonemason work.

Studied pottery in Kunštát on Morava by Kemr, then graduated from High School, with the department of potting technology and history of art in Prague High School of art crafts. She studied in atelier taught by professor Vladimír Preclík on Fa VUT (Faculty of architecture) in Brno.

She’s had her own pottery workshop – draft ceramics and free scultures. Directed and played in theathre ensemble pantomime “PANT“. Created fantasy clothes. Had success selling pithcers and cups on marketplaces and faires.

Cooperated with art centres “Skleněná louka” (Glass Meadow), “Zadní trakt” (Back Tract) and “Spodní trakt” (Bottom Tract).

She taught pre-school kids to use their creativity. She taught people how to relax in ceramic clay.

Gave birth and raised daughter and son, who became happy “ajťák”s (people who are good with PCs, tinker with them and are able in programming).

Exhibited both paintings and statues on sole, and cooperative exhibitions and more…

Now she creates in her atelier in middle of the garden.